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Signature Massage

A full body massage tailored to your body's needs. This service can be customized from a relaxing light to moderate massage to a therapeutic deep pressure treatment.

60 Minutes                                                                        $85

90 Minutes                                                                        $125

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

This treatment includes massaging strokes combined with heated stones beneficial to 

*Increasing blood circulation    *Eases muscle and joint pain

*Strengthen's the immune system *Relieve's anxiety

*Nourishes skin with 84 minerals *Improves sleep

60 Minutes                                                                      $120

90 Minutes                                                                      $135                          

Cupping Massage

While using soft silicone massaging cups this treatment encourages relaxation and is also effective in releasing deeper pain in the tissue.

*This treatment is NOT recommended for all clients. Your therapist will review overall health prior to determining if this service is recommended.*

*Cupping marks may be visible following a session*

60 Minutes                                                                       $120

90 Minutes                                                                       $135

Prenatal Massage

Your body is undergoing many changes from your growing bump to changes in posture, body aches and morning sickness. A prenatal massage gives your body relief by increasing blood flow, relaxing and loosening stiff muscles and can help reduce swelling in hands and feet. Along with physical relief a prenatal massage can reduce stress, relieve insomnia and alleviate headaches. 

This soothing treatment is received while laying on your side and supported with various pillows.

60 Minutes                                                                       $95

90 Minutes                                                                       $135


                         15-Minute Scalp Massage                                        $25                                                          

                           Aromatherapy  add'l                                                       $20       


Botox $12/Unit  

Reg. $14/Unit

Fillers $500-$700/syringe

Reg.    $525-$750/syringe


607 North Ave, #14, Wakefield, Ma 01880