Neurotoxins                                              $11/unit

Botox, Newtox and Xeomin are all neurotoxins used to treat and/or prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Eleven Lines

(between the brows).

Horizontal forehead lines

Crows feet

(lines around the eye area).

Masseter Muscle

Botox is injected into the jaw to help with jaw slimming or to decrease TMJ (teeth grinding discomfort).

Brow Lift

Botox is injected under the brow to help give a nice shape and lift.

Lip Flip

Botox is injected into the upper lip to help relax the muscle and flip the top lip upward.

Dermal Filler                                                  $550+

Lip Filler                                                                            

Used to hydrate and add volume to the lips.

Cheek Filler                                                                       

Filler is used to help lift, contour and add volume.

Nasolabial Folds (smile lines)

Smile lines extend from the nose to the sides of the mouth. Filler is used to add volume and decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Marionette Lines

Lines that extend from the corners of your mouth toward your chin. Adding filler to this area can add volume and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Chin Filler

Adding filler to the chin will add volume and definition. This procedure helps to create a more balanced appearance and profile.

Jawline Filler

Filler in the jawline is used to give a more defined look. improve the appearance of a "double chin" and soften jowls.

Kimmy K Package

This dermal filler package includes Russian lips, cheeks, jawline & chin to give you an overall Kimmy K appearance.

A $50 booking fee with be obtained upon scheduling your appointment. Fee will be applied to the treatment. 

Should you no-show the fee will be retained.


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